Hockey Alley was founded in 1989 based on the desire to help kids and adults improve their fundamental hockey skills -- including skating, shooting, puck handling and checking.

Hockey Alley's keys to success are rooted in its real-ice intimate facility and one-on-one focused training. Players' learning is enhanced and greatly accelerated compared to most camps or clinics with 30+ players and little individual attention. Players learn from one-on-one lessons, power skating sessions, shooting on goalies, 2-on-2 scrimmages, and special group lessons that are perfect for team situations.

At Hockey Alley we consistently strive to improve players and goalies faster than can be accomplished participating in a hockey camp or clinic. Part of the Hockey Alley process is to pay close attention and evaluate each player and goalie who comes to our facility to learn. At each step in the learning process, students are provided with instruction on how to correct any mistakes being made during their drills which ultimately improves their skills. Hockey camps and clinics are notorious for running their participants both players and goalies through drills over and over again but never taking the time to correct the mistakes being made in technique. Due to large number of participants in hockey camps or clinics at anyone time, players and goalies are unable to get enough opportunities to perform their drills and therefore lacking the skill building exercises necessary to improve them.

Since opening its doors, Hockey Alley has taught over 4,000 players from all over the world, including NHL players. Twenty years later, more Hockey Alley alumni than ever before are getting picked up on college, junior hockey and professional rosters.

For more information about rates and times, or to book an appointment please call 805-375-6092.

Jack Mildengren

Jack has been both a player and professional ice hockey instructor for the past 36 years. Jack played 4 years of Junior hockey in Canada and 5 years of professional ice hockey in both Sweden and in the United States. Jack gives credit to his dad Steve for having taught him everything about the game.

Steve Mildengren

Steve has been involved with ice hockey for 52 years. Initially Steve grew up playing ice hockey and has gone to act as a professional ice hockey instructor. Steve has been instrumental in fine tuning the training aspect of the game. Steve is responsible for having created hundreds of drills and strategic plays which have helped improve thousands of players from beginners to NHL players over the last 22 years.

The Hockey Alley Traning Facility

The Hockey Alley™ facility is fully protected under United States patent number 6,089,035 and Canadian patent number 2,318,689.

The concept of hockey alley was the inspiration of Jack Mildengren in 1986. In 2000 the concept of hockey alley became a reality when the United States patent office and the office of patent and trademark for the country of Canada granted the Mildengrens a patent on their unique ice hockey practice facility known as "integrated mini ice sheets".