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Bonnyville Centennial Center, Check back for dates and times.

Email hockeyalley!@aol.com or call 805-796-6092 for information.

Work on all aspects of power skating skills necessary to play the game of hockey. Greatly improve quickness, power and agility on the ice.

Jack MildengrenInstructor: Jack Mildengren
Jack has over 25 years of experience training hockey players of all ages and levels. Over the years, he has worked individualy with over 6,000 players, including 8 NHL players. He has created private training for skaters and goalies, and is the owner of Hockey Alley.

Dates: Check back here for dates and times, or email hockeyalley1@aol.com, or call 805-796-6092.

Includes Hockey Alley Camp Jersey!

Bonnyville Centennial Center
4313 50 Ave.
Bonnyville, AB T9N 0B4
(780) 812-3400

Email: hockeyalley1@aol.com
Phone: (780) 201-5162 or (780) 573-4003